003: How to Develop True Intimacy

Podcast Guest: Stacy Goulding

How to Develop True Intimacy

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In this week’s episode, Stacy Goulding, shares her unique perspective on true intimacy. Whether you are a newlywed excited to kickstart your marriage in the bedroom, a parent hoping to better prepare your teen or adult child for healthy marital intimacy, or simply ready to deepen your own intimate relationship, there is something here for you!

0:0 – Introduction: Who is Stacy Goulding?

1:04 – What is intimacy? What to expect in the True Intimacy Class?

3:30 – How do I talk to my adult kids about marital intimacy?

5:48 – What happens when marital intimacy gets off on the wrong foot?

6:40 – Avoiding unnecessary pain: the True Intimacy Class

8:50 – Why is it necessary to start family planning conversations early?

9:53 – Turning “the talk” into a conversation.

11:11 – Not an expert? Try this.

12:23 – Talking to kids about sex: How early is too early?

14:25 – Recurring negative sexual experiences: What are they? How do we stop them?

16:52 – Honeymoon expectations: What should I talk about with my partner?

18:55 – Bring these 2 things to your wedding night!

20:00 – Learning to laugh together.

21:06 – Consent is not constant.

26:03 – Who is sex for?

29:05 – Where can I find Stacy?

About Stacy Goulding

Stacy Goulding is a licensed Health Educator, the creator of the True Intimacy class, and a wellness coach specializing in women and post-partum wellness. She also loves cycling, dancing, kayaking, pickle-ball, and classic rock. She resides in Utah with her husband and two sons. 



Insights and Invites


Sometimes unnecessary heartache and pain can be avoided when we have the courage to have vulnerable conversations. Talking with our partner about our intimate relationship can free us from confusion and silent suffering. We can lighten one another’s burdens, find joy in discomfort, and learn how to laugh together.


  1. Find resources & have a conversation!
    • Not an expert? That’s okay! Find someone who is and then share what you learned with an important person in your life.
  2. It’s never too late!
    • For parents: It’s easy to feel like you could have done more to help your child prepare for intimate relationships. Choose to do something now! Ideas:
      • Ask your adult child what they wished they could have asked you about marital intimacy before they were married. 
      • Send your adult child a link to a podcast/blog/book/etc. about an intimacy related topic you think they’ll find helpful.
    • For engaged/newlywed couples: Get started on the right foot with these ideas: 
      • Take a premarital class together
      • Discuss honeymoon expectations: What are you looking forward too? What are you nervous about? How will you seek consent in intimacy?