Welcome to the Stronger Marriage Connection Podcast where we bring you the best tips and tools to improve the most important relationship of your life – your marriage!

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It's often said that marriage takes work. The Stronger Marriage Connection podcast wants to help, because a happy marriage is worth the effort. USU Family Life Professor Dr. Dave Schramm and psychologist Dr. Liz Hale talk with experts about the principles and practices that will grow your commitment, compassion, and emotional connection. More than ever before, marriages face obstacles, from the busyness of work and daily hassles to disagreements and digital distractions. It's no wonder why couples sometimes drift apart, becoming resentful, lonely and isolated. The Utah Marriage Commission invites you to listen and discover new ways to strengthen and protect your marriage connection today!

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Get to know Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz

doctor dav

Dr. Dave

At USU, Dave works as an associate professor and family life extension specialist in the department of Human Development and Family Studies, and he regularly shares tips and videos on social media to help families thrive in their life journey.

doctor liz

Dr. Liz

As a former chair of the Utah Marriage Commission, spokesperson for UtahMarriage.org, and Clinical Psychologiest, Liz believes that grounds for marriage tremendously outweigh grounds for divorce and that learning and applying the tools from scientifically proven marital research is the key.