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Currently, there are no available internship opportunities with the Utah Marriage Commission. 

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Are you a Utah Wedding Vendor looking for a way to show your clients you care about their wedding AND their marriage? Offer a discount on your wedding products or services to engaged couples who get marriage education, and we will promote your business and discount on our website and social media platforms!

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The Utah Marriage Commission makes free, research-based educational resources available to the general public via its website: Our educational products and services include podcasts, blogs, e-courses, and more.  If you are a trained and experienced professional with a passion for helping people learn how to form and sustain healthy relationships and stronger marriages contact us at to volunteer your expertise.


Intern Testimonials


“Interning with the Utah Marriage Commission has given me a chance to apply my Family Studies major and business minor (especially marketing) knowledge to real life on social media. I loved having the opportunity to utilize the influence of Instagram posts, stories, lives and videos to deliver wonderful and uplifting marriage and relationship values to so many people with this internship. My journey has been very fulfilling and fruitful with the Commission!”

Emily C. from BYU

“I loved my experience as an intern with the Utah Marriage Commission. I was able to learn more than I had ever anticipated upon starting my internship. This was an experience that helped me to develop a passion for marital education and promoting healthy relationships. With the encouragement from a wonderful supervisor and other interns I was able to take the initiative in finding ways to contribute to the Utah Marriage Commission in unique and exciting ways. My supervisor nourished my creativity and gave me the freedom to try new things. This experience has helped me to identify where I want my future career to take me. I hope to continue working with the Utah Marriage Commission and am forever grateful for the marketing, communication, and practical life skills it has taught me. If you are looking for an engaging, challenging, and meaningful opportunity to contribute to your community and relationships this is the perfect option for you.”

Emily W. from SUU

“Being an intern for the Utah Marriage Commission gave me the opportunity to share my passion for healthy relationships with hundreds of people! I was able to develop stronger marketing, writing, and research skills. I was given a lot of exciting projects that challenged me as well. I was able to contribute to the Stronger Marriage blog and the UMC Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. My mentor genuinely wanted me to succeed by giving me valuable feedback. She has definitely helped me to prepare for my future career. I’m very grateful for this experience and highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve themselves and the relationships of others.”