January 16, 2023

Top 10 Date Night Ideas From The Dating Divas

By Danica Purvis


Calling all couples! If you are in a date night rut, have not murmured the words “date night” in weeks, or simply feel like a date night was something you only did back when you were dating, keep reading! We’re about to change your mind on all things “date night” and show you how to ultimately connect with your sweetheart!

We, The Dating Divas, are the date night experts. For over 10 years, we’ve been creating date night ideas for couples to integrate into their marriages. From easy to pull off at-home date nights and out-on-the-town dates to steamy, sexy dates in the comfort of your own home, we have all of the best ideas. Think dinner and a movie is the only thing to do for date night? Think again!

 But before we dig into our Top 10 Favorite Date Night Ideas for each type of situation, we want you to know that date night can be the SECRET SAUCE to having a thriving, healthy marriage. Along with other helpful marital strategies, having a consistent date night can really build connection in marriage and is a great way to spark fun experiences with your partner.

We believe in regular date nights with your sweetheart no matter what phase of life you’re in. Empty nesters? You need date night. Newborn phase? Date night can still happen! Toddlers in tow, teenagers in and out of the house, or little funds to spend? Date night doesn’t have to cost a cent AND can be done with kids around, after they are in bed, or in the middle of the day. The most important thing is to show your spouse you are prioritizing them to keep that flame alive.

So, without further ado, we now present our Top 10 Favorite Date Night Ideas for staying home, going out, and keeping things steamy between the sheets.

Top 10 At-Home Date Ideas From The Dating Divas

Couple LaughingBefore you scroll past thinking at-home dates are lame or boring, let us convince you otherwise in just a few words: convenience, comfort, and affordability. At-home dates truly provide the ideal scenario if you’re not feeling up for a fancy night out, you would rather stay in your sweatpants, or if you don’t have a babysitter. Take our advice and schedule an at-home date with your sweetheart immediately. Put away your phones and focus on connection. It can be done, and it can be SO fun!

1. The Newlywed Game
SayingsOur number one favorite at-home date night is the thrilling, hilarious, and slightly competitive date night activity called The Newlywed Game. If you’re not familiar with the game show, this game is all about giving an answer to a question that you think your spouse would say. Think you know your spouse super well? Put it to the test with this fun activity! This date works beautifully as a group date if you want to invite some couple friends over. But if not, simply scroll through the questions together and see what each other would answer. Our advice? Put a little wager on who gets the most correct. ;)

2. Internet Scavenger Hunt
Find It
Okay, we know we said to put your phones away, but you can actually keep them out for this one. Luckily, this activity will still keep you connected! Explore the internet with your spouse by your side and hunt down the funniest, scariest, or most original ideas online. You may learn more about your spouse than you realized, AND you may walk away with some new ideas to try together. This activity comes with four different internet scavenger hunts. Think you can do them all?

3. Indoor Romantic Picnic
Indoor PicnicAlright, we’re just going to say it–Don’t knock it till you try it. An indoor romantic picnic is just as dreamy as it sounds and not hard to put together! Tap into your inner romantic for this one and try to pull out all your fancy things. We recommend candles (of course) and your all time favorite treats. This date supplies you with the perfect questions to ask each other over your romantic picnic!

4. Year of Movie Dates
Year of Dates
Earlier we said that we make date night ideas that are better than dinner and a movie. Well, hear us out! Dinner and a movie can be GREAT, too! For this specific idea, we created 12 different movie dates you can have at home set to different themes (action, romance, comedy, sci-fi, etc.) So instead of it being “just” a movie date, step it up a notch and make a monthly tradition of watching a new type of movie together. Don’t forget the awesome extras we provide in this post!

5. Ice Cream Truth or Dare Date 
Ice Cream dares
It’s rare that we meet a couple who doesn’t enjoy ice cream, and this date simply hits the spot. Pick up your favorite ice cream flavors and toppings and play a little truth or dare during the eating process. We cannot promise that things won’t get… ahem, messy.

6. Couples Cranium
Couples CraniumWhether or not you’ve played Cranium before, this at-home date is an absolute MUST play. It requires a bit of assembly, but is well worth it when you battle it out with your spouse. This DIY board game will have you laughing, connecting, and flirting all night long. We promise the challenges are harmless and the instructions are simple. This is even an activity you could play over and over!

7. Indoor Fort Date Night
Fort Night Tic Tac ToeWe are NOT above building forts as adults and neither should you be! This indoor fort date night will have you tapping into your inner child and connecting with your spouse. You likely have everything you need already, and the details will come together perfectly. Try it out!

8. 2-player Card Games Date
Card GamesWe are card game fanatics over here and think you should be too. They are SO easy to play for date night, and the competition will heat things up in your marriage. With this epic list of 2-player card games, you could play a new game every week for months!

9. You’ve Stolen a Piece of My Heart Date
Pizza my HeartWe’d like to see anyone try to argue with us that pizza is not the greatest date night food. Anyone? We love this simple at-home date idea that pairs pizza making with romance and connection. Let your kitchen be the foreground for date night and see where the rest of the night takes you!

10. Around the World Date Night Ideas
Around The World Date NightWe saved one of our favorite at-home date ideas for last: Our Around the World Dates. Just like the name suggests, you will be transforming your living room into a destination date night and experiencing all of the culture and fun that comes with that new place. If you’re an experienced traveler, you could “return” to somewhere you’ve already been. Or, if traveling is only in your future plans, pretend for a night that you can make it happen. We provide all of the details to make this destination date night perfect.




Top 10 Out on the Town Date Night Ideas
Jumping Couple

Now the comfort and convenience we mentioned above are nice. But what about when you ARE feeling up for a night out on the town? We’ve got the best ideas for that too, and each date comes with something extra unique and extra flirtatious. We are known to put our own Diva spin on things, and these 10 dates will prove that. Get ready for some dates you will never forget!

 1. Geocache Date
Treasure HuntWe did a little studying for this one, and it came together perfectly. Did you know you can go geocache hunting basically anywhere? It’s true! And if you’re a couple that likes solving puzzles in a scavenger hunt way, this will be the perfect outdoor adventure for you. Bonus? This would totally be doable with kids in tow!

2. Garage Sale Date
Garage SaleThe summer is the perfect time to hit up some garage sales. Who says you can’t make a date night (or day date) out of it? This totally inexpensive and fun date idea will give you a new appreciation for garage sales. It will make you laugh, maybe cringe, and give you a wonderful afternoon together.

3. Lime Scooter Date
Scooter RideHave you ever ridden one of those lime scooters many cities have now? They are so fun! Scootering around town is the perfect date activity, and the printables we have for this date take it up a notch. Do us a favor and google “lime scooters near me” ASAP because chances are you could do this date as early as today!

4. Urban Adventure Date
Urban Adventure Date
Another epic and adventurous date night idea that will get you adventuring around town and connecting together. Created in partnership with Urban Adventure Quest, you are essentially solving puzzles, clues, and completing challenges while exploring the town you are in. This idea is so fun because you could do it when you’re on a vacation or visiting somewhere you’ve never been. So many possibilities but for sure an amazing date out on the town!

5. Progressive Drive Thru Date 
Drive Thru DateThis is probably one of our favorite, easiest, out-on-the-town dates. You simply hop in your car and progress through various fast food restaurants for the different portions of your meal (appetizers, entree, dessert, etc.) Truly, it’s more fun than you could imagine, and these helpful printables make it even better.

6. DIY Chocolate Tour Date
Chocolate Tour DateOne more time for the people in the back…DIY CHOCOLATE TOUR! We are all about our treats and, hopefully, you are too! For date night, create a tour of epic chocolate factories or chocolate dessert locations and rate them accordingly. This is definitely a date for any couple that has a sweet tooth!

7. Thrift Store Date
Thrft StoreA thrift store contains a mystery of hidden gems. Why not visit one for date night and complete some fun challenges? This amazing date activity will get you out on the town, laughing, competing, and being silly. This also makes a great group date and can bring all kinds of couples together!

8. Penny Date
Penny DatePenny for your…date? This easy, affordable date night is left up to the fate of the flip of a penny. Follow the printable instructions and you’ll have yourself a perfect little date! Warning: This date will cost you one cent. ;)

9. Hiking Date
Hiking DateHiking is one of our favorite couple activities because it brings you together in the fresh air and helps you bond over exercise! This simple date can become a favorite with the addition of these cute, printable love notes and hiking activities.

10. Grocery Love Hunt
Grocery Love HuntEveryone has to grocery shop. Why not make it part of date night? This adorable date takes place at your local grocery store and ends with a tasty treat. What could be better?

Top 10 Sexy Date Night Ideas
Date Night Sexy

And finally, the top 10 best sexy dates to try with your spouse in the bedroom! Never heard of a “sexy date” before? Let us educate you. Any date can technically be turned sexy if you want it to be, but these specific ideas have one goal in mind: intimate connection!

We feel strongly that couples need intimacy in their marriage. However, there are a lot of crass and inappropriate things on the internet these days. We made it our mission to create classy, creative sexy dates that will bring you instant spark, chemistry, and a lot of steamy fun. You won’t have to worry when clicking on these links because they are all wholesome and appropriate. However, don’t think that means they aren’t hot, hot, hot!

1. Roleplay Date
RoleplayThis is one of those types of dates where you just have to go with it and commit to the experience. And trust us, the experience is GOOD! Within this date are 10 steamy roleplay stories, each with corresponding outfit suggestions and more. Scroll through the prompts or challenges yourselves to try out all 10 throughout the next few months. We have faith in you! ;)

2. Sexercise Date
SexerciseIt’s no secret that sex can work up a sweat! This sexy date specifically focuses on sexy exercise moves that will lead to greater intimacy. Don’t be too shy to try these out. They will only improve your… ahem, connection!

3. Sexy Mad Libs Date
Sexy Mad Libs Date
You may or may not laugh harder than you ever have with this sexy activity. Created to give you some laughs AND inspire connection, these Sexy Mad Libs cards are made for two and can definitely get as naughty as you’re comfortable with. Have fun!

 4. Sex Positions Match Game
Sex Positions Match GameYou’re familiar with the game Memory, right? This game is a lot like that except the printable cards all have sex positions on them and whatever cards you match, you get to try out! How fun does that sound?

5. Spicy Date Night
Spicy Date NightSpicy food, spicy lingerie, and a spicy good time with your spouse. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect evening? We provided all of the instructions and suggestions you will need to create a spicy night like never before.

6. Sexy Chore Chart
Chore ChartOne of the serious bummers about being an adult is the responsibility to do regular chores. However, turning chores into a sexy game doesn’t make it quite so bad, right? This sexy chore chart includes flirtatious challenges and delicious rewards. It can even be done secretively with others living in your home!

7. Chutes and Ladders Sexy Game 
Chutes and Ladders GameMaybe you’ve noticed by now that we like to take classic games and put our Diva twist on them. This rings true for this sexy date–the Chutes and Ladders Sexy Game you can play in bed! Yes, it’s exactly like the child-friendly game on a board with chutes and ladders except the board is your bed sheet and when you climb or slide, certain actions must be performed.

8. The Newlywed Game - Sexy Questions Edition 
Newlywed GameOur earlier mention of The Newlywed Game is still one of our favorite date ideas. But this version is specifically about sex questions and is a great way to test how well you know your spouse’s sex preferences. We definitely recommend playing this with just the two of you.

9. Whipped Cream Foreplay Game 
Foreplay GameWe’re all adults here so we can proudly admit that foreplay is an important part of sex, right? This particular sexy date allows you to focus on foreplay a little longer and bring in a can of whipped cream to the party. We’ve been told that many husbands particularly like this one! :)

10. Sexy Twister 
TwisterAnd last, but certainly not least, another classic–Sexy Twister. We are certain you will get all twisted up and connected during this steamy game, so try your hand at it! Pro tip: Play somewhere that gives you plenty of space. You never know how wild a spin might take you.

And that concludes our Top 10 best lists for at-home, out-on-the-town, and sexy dates. We sure hope you have found something to try! And if not, make sure to check out our entire archives:



Before you go, just remember that regardless of the activity or the location, date night is all about connection and prioritizing your other half. Have fun and don’t forget to put the next date night on your calendars!