Camilla Rees

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10 Affordable and Romantic Valentine’s Date Night Ideas

couple in back seat of a car

Marriage rule #1: Date your spouse. Never stop dating your spouse. It’s so important to have fun together and find things you enjoy doing together.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you might be thinking of fun date ideas or romantic ways you can spend your day together. Just a guess...most of your ideas are way out of your price range.

Fortunately, there are so many ways you can have a meaningful and great time together that have little to no cost.

Here is a list of 10 Fun and Romantic Valentine’s Date Night Ideas that don’t break the bank!

spa night

1. Spa Night at Home

Treat each other to the most relaxing night in, with a bubble bath and your favorite scented candles, all while you sip on your favorite drinks. Pamper each other with back rubs, foot rubs, you name it.

This can be one of the most intimate and meaningful date night ideas. It’s a great way to unwind, feel close, and show each other you care.

movie night

2. Themed Movie Marathon

Buy all of your favorite treats and snacks at the grocery store, build a fort, and have a themed movie marathon (Old-fashioned movies, Marvel, True Crime, Harry Potter, Rom Coms, Disney, Thrillers, really anything that strikes your fancy!)

This is one of my favorite fun date ideas. My husband and I are usually on the go and it’s nice to just stay home, relax, and cozy up.

scenic drive

3. A Scenic Drive & Photoshoot

Make the perfect playlist and take a long drive through a scenic area, whether it’s down a historical main street, through the canyon, around the lake, or in the big city full of sparkling lights. Find a nice spot to watch the sunset, and take fun pictures together and of each other!

Sometimes we get so busy we forget to document the little, but wonderful moments in our lives. Have a little photoshoot while the sun starts to go down. You won’t regret saving those special moments or this fun date idea.

explore a city

4. Explore Your City Together

Date your spouse by pretending to be a tourist for the day. Seriously, get on Yelp! Or TripAdvisor and find the best things to do and places to eat. You might be surprised to find free local art galleries, affordable museums, unique thrift stores, and yoga studios that offer your first class free!

Also, Airbnb isn’t just for finding a cheap place to say, but for experiences! You can find affordable cooking classes, tours, and other adventures on their website. There are so many date night ideas close to you, sometimes you just have to know where to look!

ice skating

5. Ice Skating and Desserts

Another way to date your spouse is to go out on a “classic date”. You don’t need to exhaust yourself with never-done-before-dates. Ice skating and dessert is a simple, affordable, fun date idea for you and your significant other to enjoy a classic date night.

Unless you’re in Central Park, ice skating for 2 plus skate rentals is normally under $25.

And eating out can get pricey real fast. Instead, opt in for a sweet treat at a sweeter price. After your night of ice skating, grab some hot chocolate or share a giant cinnamon roll.

cook together

6. Cook Your Favorite Meal Together

This is a favorite date night idea for the foodies: Some of your best memories can be made when you get to create something together. Find a recipe for a favorite or special meal. Shop for the ingredients together, turn on some classy tunes, and get cooking! Enjoy by candlelight.


7. Glamp

Spend a night in the great outdoors, but bring some luxuries with you. You can set up a tent in your backyard or go looking for a gorgeous campsite. Bring a cot, air mattress, tons of blankets and pillows (don’t settle for a sleeping bag), playing cards, ingredients and equipment for a delicious breakfast, solar powered lights or battery charged lights, and of course, s’mores!

This is another fun, but totally romantic way to date your spouse.


8. Try Something New Together

If you’re sporty or outdoorsy, try a new activity together. Maybe find a new hiking trail together, go indoor rock climbing, or take a long bike ride. You could even try finding a martial arts, hot yoga, or ballroom dance class that offers their first class free.

Recreation centers often offer affordable rock climbing or at no cost if you have a membership. If you have a recreation center pass, you might also be able to get in on other kinds of free classes they offer. You can always look on Airbnb for experiences as well.

game night

9. Couples’ Game Night

This is a great fun date idea if you and your partner are social butterflies. Invite some couple friends over for a Valentine’s game night. Bake some cookies, let everyone bring their favorite games and snacks, and let the good times roll!

My husband and I love to have parties, game nights and double dates with our couple friends. It’s always so refreshing for us to enjoy an evening with our good friends!

girls laughing

10. Put the Phones Away

Really date your spouse for the night. Put all distractions to the side and just talk, cuddle, and laugh the night away like you did when you were dating. Remember when you could spend hours together doing nothing?

Play a get to know you game, ask deep questions and silly questions, plan your future, or dream big together. Let your spouse surprise you. No matter how long you are married there is always more to learn about each other, as we all change and grow over the years. Grow together this Valentine’s Day.