Our Favorite Sites

Educational Sites

American Cleaning Institute

  • Research on hand hygiene
  • Education materials for adults and youth (coloring books, music and more!)

Henry the Hand

  • School programs (science projects and school kits)
  • Interactive Hand washing songs and videos
  • Free coloring book and posters
  • Information on national hand washing awareness week

Scrub Club

This site targets older children and includes:

  • Interactive hand washing games & songs
  • Computer wallpapers and screensavers
  • Free coloring book and posters

Healthy School, Healthy People

This site targets middle school youth and features:

  • Free tool kit
  • Resources for teachers and nurses
  • Hand washing research findingsĀ 

Commercial SitesĀ 

Brevis Corp

This site sells a wide selection of hand washing education materials ranging from children's books on hand washing to germ puppets. Black lights and glitter bug lotion is also sold.

Glo Germ

This site has free downloadable worksheets for Kindergarten through 6th grades in English and French. It also features customer submitted ideas on how to teach proper hand washing. Black UV lights, Glo Germ lotion and powder are available from this company.