Growing delicious crops is just one challenge of operating an agricultural enterprise. It is important to remember the value of well executed marketing strategies that will allow you to expand your operation in the future. Some farmers can be overwhelmed by the concept of marketing, but with the proper knowledge a few tips can go a long way for your business. Use the resources below to learn more about marketing in the agriculture industry

Food Safety Modernization Act

Small plus local doesn't equal a free pass on food safety: Cookson Beecher provides great information or small- and mid-sized farms about final rules for produce and other foods, as mandated by the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Produce Marketing

Overview of Produce Marketing: Explore the history of produce marketing, the three most common alternative marketing choices for farmers, and key tips for assessing which market channel is suitable for your farming operation.

Community Supported Agriculture and Direct Marketing

 Introduction to Community Supported Agriculture

  More Information

 Social Media for Small Farms