Horse in the snow

First of all, it is important to know as a small acreage farmer what you want out of your farm. Setting goals can help you manage all aspects of a horse farm successfully. Many desire to share their land with our equine friends, but it is important to understand the responsibilities of running an efficient and safe horse farm both you and your animals enjoy. The link below is a detailed guide with many tips about practical equine management for small acreage farmers.

Managing Small Acreage Horse Farms

Hoof Care

Horse Hoof

Equine Fact Sheet:

Hoof care is essential for healthy horses. Visit the links below for effective methods of hoof care.

Thinking about buying your first horse?

There can be a lot of questions that may come to mind when thinking about owning a horse. It is very beneficial for the buyer to have experience with horses prior to ownership, but with hard work and patience first time buyers can become successful and responsible horse owners.

Some questions that should be considered prior to purchasing a horse include:

  • Age and experience of potential new owner
  • Type of horse wanted, including breed, sex and ability
  • Riding style: English, Western, Trail Riding, Showing, etc.
  • Horse care and housing
  • Potential costs of horse ownership
  • How to locate a horse
  • Is a pre-purchase exam important
  • Locating a local veterinarian

For everything else a first time buyer will want to know, click here.