Barns are a compliment to any farmstead or country living acreage. They provide valuable storage and animal comfort and control facility. Most animals do not need a highly insulated, heated, or cooled barn facility. Animals mostly need protection from the wind and snow in winter and shade from the hot blazing sun in the summer. Horse and Livestock owners are often dismayed to have built a fine barn for their animals, only to find them standing outside in a rain or snow storm.

When building a barn, be sure to consider prevailing winds, early or late sun orientation, drainage, ease of access for cleaning, feeding of animals, size of animals to utilize the facility, durability and longevity of the construction materials, what the barn will be used for (animals, equipment, or hay storage, etc.) as well as fit, costs, and how the barn will compliment the home and other out buildings.

Remember: "There is nothing as permanent as a temporary building", so be sure to plan ahead, look into the future and build the barn you need today as well as tomorrow.

Utah State University Extension does not advocate any of the barn suppliers listed below, but instead has chosen a few from Internet searches that show a variety of kinds, shapes, sizes and appearances of barns and sheds.

We hope you find your dream barn from these examples and we welcome any other questions concerning barns and/or horse and livestock shelters.

Big Red Barn