Utah Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) exist to assist small business owners in achieving maximum potential by providing one-on-one counseling, business skills training, business planning, financial analysis, break-even analysis, marketing, and loan packaging. Through a network of 11 regional centers located throughout the state, the SBDC’s can provide professional assistance in all areas of small business development.

The SBDC has existed since 1980. Utah State University was one of the first Regional Center established. The center is funded by the federal government through the SBA, the State of Utah under the Utah Department of Community and Economic Development, and Utah State University through USU Extension. We officially serve Cache and Rich Counties, but also serve clients within a reasonable proximity in southern Idaho and areas of Box Elder County.

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Services Offered

Free Consulting Services

Services are provided free of charge to small business (organizations with 500 employees or less are considered small businesses). The center does not provide legal or tax service; however, we do provide a large range of other valuable services to local businesses including the following:

Business Planning

Define your company’s goals and objectives and develop the strategies to achieve them.

Market Planning

Investigate markets for your product or service, evaluate your competitive strengths and weaknesses, identify your competitive position, and identify your market goals and strategies.

Financial Statement Analysis

Evaluate your company’s past and present financial health and position.

Cash Flow Analysis and Projections

Anticipate your cash position and determine the cash you need to operate your business.

Break-Even Analysis

This can be a powerful tool for identifying sales required to reach break-even, cost structure, profit potential, and problem sources.


Identify your funding needs from your cash flow analysis and let us help you identify funding options. Receive assistance in creating a business plan to support loan applications for financing sources.

Strategic Planning

Determine where you want your business to go, and how to get it there through improved decision making.

Valuation Methods

Learn about the tools used to determine value when buying or selling a business.

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