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Roundup Flat Exclosure





Plate 359X. Roundup Flat Exclosure 1957 - 1965 - 2003 Viewed west to the Roundup Flat exclosure on the eastside of Boulder Mountain. The exclosure was built in 1957 and has not been grazed by livestock for 46 years. Deer and elk, however, can enter the exclosure. A new allotment fence has been added in the retake. Aspen regenerated about 30 years ago when mule deer numbers declined, but not before or since due to excessive browsing by wildlife and livestock (Kay and Bartos 2000). The area to the right of the allotment fence and in the foreground was grazed by cattle in 2003. Snowberry and green rabbitbrush have increased, especially inside the exclosure and on the far hillside. The grasses are primarily Stipa spp. Utah Highway 12 has been widened and paved.

Photo Information:

U.S. Forest Service photographs (unnumbered) taken in 1957 and 1965; retake by Charles E. Kay on August 28, 2003 - - Photo No. 5263-20. Original photographs held on the Teasdale Ranger District (Slides 2200-14 and 2200-19), Dixie National Forest, Teasdale, UT.

Vegetative Community:

Aspen, Dry Meadow, Mountain Brush


South West: Section 11, Range 5 East, Township 32 South; UTM 471200 E, 4209700 N; elevation 9,600 ft.

January 2018