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Thousand Lakes Mountain




Plate 206. THOUSAND LAKES MOUNTAIN 1962-2000 Viewed southwest from Windy Ridge (USFS Road 1573) along the eastern slopes of Thousand Lakes Mountain to Round Lake, Lake Creek Basin, and Flattop (11,306 ft). Pinyon-juniper has increased as have conifers on the more distant slopes. Note the recent wildfire burn, however, on the slopes of Hens Hole Peak (photo upper right center edge). Aspen has declined and most stands have failed to regenerate due to excessive browsing. Note the rock in the lower center foreground with the white lichen spot in both photos.

Photo Information:

U.S. Forest Service photo (unnumbered) taken in 1962; retake by Charles E. Kay on July 29, 2000 - - Photo No. 4646-2; Original photo held by the Loa Ranger District, Fishlake National Forest, Loa, UT

Vegetative Community:

Pinyon, Juniper, Conifer, Aspen


South Central: Section 35, Range 4 E, Township 26 S; UTM 462000 E, 4261700 N; elevation 9,036 ft.

January 2018