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Ranger Station




Plate 16. RANGER STATION: 1938 - 1996 Most of the buildings visible on 1938 are hidden in the 1996 photo by ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) planted along the entrance road. The second 1996 photo was taken from a point below the main highway looking back towards the ranger station, now a YCC camp. The ranger station is still hidden by the planted pine and spruce (Picea sp.) in this second photo, but the vegetation of the mostly southeast facing hillside visible in 1938 is now visible. Conifers on this hillside have increased in height and numbers, as would be expected in the absence of fire. Aspen (Populus tremuloides) have also increased in height, and some clones have expanded in size. Sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) on the hillside appears little change, except where replaced by other plant communities.

Photo Information:

1938 photo [#370029] was taken by the Forest Service; 1996 photos are Kay #4021-7 and 4021-13 taken on Aug. 1. Forest Service photo [RG-95-G] is held by the National Archives, Washington, D.C.)

Vegetative Community:

Conifer, Aspen, Mountain Brush, Sagebrush


South Central: Fish Lake, Fishlake N.F., Loa R.D., T26S, R2E., Sect. 17, UTM 4267000 N, 437100 E; elevation 8,920 ft.; view to west-southwest.

January 2018