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Navajo Lake




Plate 628X. Navajo Lake 1921 – 2004 Viewed east-northeast down Navajo Lake on the Dixie National Forest. The lake level has fallen during the recent drought and shoreline vegetation has become established. A new road right-of-way has been cleared on the south side of the lake - - see Plate 611x. Conifers have increased, while aspen has declined. Many spruce, however, have recently been killed by insects and disease.

Photo Information:

U.S. Forest Service photograph (157885) taken on September 20, 1921; retake by Charles E. Kay on August 10, 2004 - - Photo No. 5389-14. Original photograph (7720-Dixie-18) held in the U.S. Forest Service Regional Office Photographic Collection housed at Weber State University, Ogden, UT.

Vegetative Community:

Riparian, Conifer, Aspen


South West: Section 7, Range 8 West, Township 38 South; UTM 341900 E, 4153950 N; elevation 9,040 ft.

January 2018