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Mountain Meadow Wash




Plate 1491X. Mountain Meadow Wash 1934 – 2007 Viewed southeast up Mountain Meadow Wash in Holt Canyon - - see Plates 1489x, 1490x, and 1497x. This camera station is on the Dixie National Forest just below the Forest boundary. The stream channel has changed but note the high-voltage powerline on the skyline in both images (photo right-center). Today, Forest Service lands below the boundary fence are more heavily grazed by cattle than the private land above the fence. Thus, willows and cottonwoods are less abundant here than on the adjacent private property - - compare this photoset with Plates 1490x and 1497x that show the private ground immediately above the Forest Service fence.

Photo Information:

Original photograph taken by Walter P. Cottam ca. 1934; retake by Charles E. Kay on August 21, 2007 - - Photo No. 5830-30A. Original photograph from Cottam and Stewart (1940:619).

Vegetative Community:



South West: Section 26, Range 16 West, Township 37 South; UTM 269175 E, 4158791 N; elevation 5,681 ft.

January 2018