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Lower Cottonwood Creek




LOWER COTTONWOOD CREEK A diverse age class Fremont cottonwood community has established here since Gregory's 1932 photograph. The raw vertical banks, visible in 1932, have somewhat evolved to a more gentle grade and a mixture of upland and riparian plant species have established there. The once wide channel has now been reduced to a width of 20 feet. Photograph - C illustrates the downstream channel cross section at this point. Some other species present include coyote willow, spike rush, Baltic rush, yellow sweetclover, sagebrush, rabbitbrush. Exotic species such as cheatgrass and tamarisk are also present. Tamarisk is mostly found on the second terrace and is not a dominant species. Cottonwood Wash is an intermittent stream at this point. Without a constant supply of free water the rate and extent of future riparian development is somewhat limited.

Vegetative Community:



San Juan

January 2018