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Little Creek Valley




Plate 909X. Little Creek Valley 1957 – 2005 Viewed southeast at the start of line two of the Slide Troughs Parker Three-Step Transect in Little Creek valley. This is 100 ft. east of the photopoint for Plate 908x. The foreground has been interseeded with crested wheatgrass, but native grasses, primarily Stipa spp., are abundant. Lupine and arrowleaf balsamroot are the most common forbs. The sagebrush may have been treated, but there is no record in the range files as to how that might have been done. The area certainly does not look like it was root-plowed or chained. Oakbrush and curlleaf mountain mahogany have increased in the distance, as have conifers. Aspen has increased in height, but has not regenerated in many years due to excessive herbivory (Kay and Bartos 2000). The area is grazed by elk, deer, and cattle. Note the small burn in the right-center edge of the retake.

Photo Information:

U.S. Forest Service photograph (unnumbered) taken on August 19, 1957; retake by Charles E. Kay on June 24, 2005 - - Photo No. 5468-37. Original photographs, negatives, and narrative reports held in the range files on the Cedar City Ranger District, Dixie National Forest, Cedar City, UT.

Vegetative Community:

Sagebrush, Oakbrush, Mountain Brush, Aspen


South West: Section 3, Range 7 West, Township 34 South; UTM 356500 E, 4193700 N; elevation 7,460 ft.

January 2018