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Johnson Wash




Plate 478X. Johnson Wash 1934 – 2004 Viewed south down Johnson Wash at Hells Bellows about one and one-half miles north of U.S. Highway 89. Johnson Wash has stabilized and is more heavily vegetated today than in earlier times. Woody riparian vegetation has increased, as has pinyon and juniper in the distance. Willows, cottonwood, tamarisk, and Russian olive are the predominant riparian species. The road up Johnson Canyon has been widened and paved. Several new houses have been built.

Photo Information:

U.S. Forest Service photograph (293900) taken by Reed W. Bailey in 1934; retake by Charles E. Kay on June 7, 2004 - - Photo No. 5332-12. Original photograph held by the Utah Historical Society, Reed W. Bailey Collection (Box 7, C-439), Salt Lake City, UT. For an earlier retake see Webb et al. (1991:44).

Vegetative Community:

Riparian, Pinyon, Juniper


South West: Section 24, Range 5 West, Township 43 South; UTM 378757 E, 4101790 N; elevation 5,280 ft.

January 2018