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Brian Head




Plate 1122X. Brian Head 1938 – 2005 Viewed north to Brian Head. The area is more vegetated today than it was in the past and soil erosion has ceased except below two culverts in the roadway. Those culverts, which are undersized, concentrate storm run-off and increase erosion below the road. The site is still grazed by domestic sheep each year and sheep were actively grazing the area when the 2005 retake was made. The shrubs in the distance are currants and silver sage. Below the road are elderberry and tall lupine. All the grasses are native, as the area has not been treated.

Photo Information:

U.S. Forest Service photograph (unnumbered) taken in 1938; retake by Charles E. Kay on September 4, 2005 - - Photo No. 5551-22. Original photograph held by Southern Utah versity Archives Uniand Special Collections, Cedar City, UT.

Vegetative Community:

Dry Meadow, Sagebrush


South West: Section 13, Range 9 West, Township 36 South; UTM 338700 E, 4170750 N; elevation 10,600 ft.

January 2018