Rangeland Resources of Utah

The Rangeland Resources of Utah publication provides an overview of the complex issues occurring on Utah Rangelands. State Senator Dennis E. Stowell was the initial impetus for this effort based on his desire to have important information and data about rangelands available in one place.

The 1989 “Rangeland Resources of Utah” publication was the template for this project. The intent was to update data and trends and include up-to-date information and advancements in the general body of knowledge. New sections have been included which pertain to relevant information and issues that have evolved since the late 1980s.

This project was sponsored by State of Utah, Governor’s Public Lands Policy Coordination Office. Agreement: Setting the Stage for a Livestock Grazing Policy in Utah, Control No. 080720.

Public Lands Policy Coordination Office website

All of the documents produced on this project are available for download as Adobe pdf files.

Rangeland Resources of Utah 2009 Edition


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Contact: Ellie Leydsman McGinty