Winter Weather Preparedness

Don't get caught off guard by winter weather. Children, the elderly, and pets are at additional risk in winter conditions. Weatherize your home. Have emergency kits for your vehicle, home, and workplace. Have a communication plan and track weather conditions and warnings. Be prepared for winter power outages, and know how to use heaters and generators safely. Have your chimney inspected annually. Use smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Drive safely for conditions, and if possible, avoid driving when roads are too dangerous. Be careful working outdoors in winter weather, including shoveling snow and walking in slippery conditions. Dress warmly. Learn how to avoid, recognize, and treat hypothermia, and frostbite.


White home with blue gables, covered in snow and surrounded by evergreen trees

Prepare Your Home and Car for Winter Storms

Learn about preparing emergency plans and kits, keeping an eye on the weather, getting your home ready for winter, and ensuring your car is storm-ready.

Visit the CDC Preparing for a Winter Storm Page

Stay Safe During Winter Weather

Winter safety tips from the National Weather Service La Crosse, Wisconsin office.

Avoid Winter Injuries

Shovel Snow Safely

Walk on Ice Safely

Articles & Publications

Tips for Weathering Winter Storms

The recent frigid Arctic air encompassing much of the mid-west caused mass transit, businesses and schools to shut down. It also was responsible for several deaths. If you were caught in such adverse conditions, unable to leave home because of a snow/ice ...