Windstorm Preparedness

Wind damage is possible when wind speeds exceed 40-50 mph. Dangerous wind is often associated with severe thunderstorms. Prepare for such winds by safely trimming tree branches near homes and powerlines. Secure loose exterior items like shutters and gutters. Identify outdoor items to put away or secure during strong winds. Keep batteries charged for emergency items like cell phones and radios. Follow weather advisories. Keep an emergency kit and enough food and water for household members to last at least three days. Identify a safe room in the interior of your home for shelter during strong winds. Mobile homes are especially hazardous. If you live in one, arrange for safer shelter during strong windstorms. Go to an interior room during strong winds. Flying debris and items going through windows are especially dangerous. Follow safety precautions if driving. If stuck outside, stay away from trees, powerlines and roads. After a windstorm, be cautious of downed powerlines, continue to monitor conditions and emergency instructions, follow generator safety guidelines, and follow cleanup safety guidelines.