Landslide Preparedness

Landslides can be associated with other natural occurances like changing water levels, earthquakes, erosion, groundwater, human activities, rainstorms, snowmelt, wildfires, and volcanoes. Preparedness is critical, and it is important to create an evacuation plan and have an emergency preparedness kit on hand. Know if your property is prone to landslides, and consult with experts for landslide mitigation steps if necessary. Consider adding landslide protection to your insurance policy. Be aware of potential landslide signs, and evacuate if told to do so. Learn how to avoid hazardous situations, and learn what to do during landslide conditions. Return to a slide area only when you have been told it’s safe by authorities. Make sure any structural repairs from landslide damage are performed by a qualified professional.


Abandoned home in Thistle, Utah slide area
Remnants of a house in Thistle, Utah, the location of a significant landslide in 1983.

Landslides in Utah

Learn about the landslide types in Utah, causes, warning signs, and risk reduction steps.

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