Earthquake Preparedness

Prepare for earthquakes by creating emergency and communications plans, assembling an emergency kit, securing heavy objects, and addressing other hazards in the home and workplace. Consider purchasing earthquake insurance and making safety improvements to your home. During an earthquake, protect yourself. "Drop, cover, and hold on" or follow other specific steps if outdoors, in a car, or using walking aids. After an earthquake, beware of aftershocks, avoid damaged buildings, know first aid, and ensure that water is safe before drinking. If trapped in an enclosed area, send a text or dial 911, bang on a wall, and cover mouth if necessary for dust protection. Download the Red Cross Emergency App to check in and for emergency info. Use text or apps to contact loved ones rather than calling to keep phone lines open.


Learn What To Do When an Earthquake Hits

Learn and practice ways to stay safe during an earthquake, depending on where you are when they occur, from the Great Utah Shakeout website.

Visit Drop, Cover, and Hold On! Web Page

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