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PowerPay: Debt Reduction Tool

What is PowerPay and The Money Master Online Course?

PowerPay Reviews

"This is the most awesome debt elimination tool I have ever used. I am getting all of my family set up. Thank you for giving us hope. "


"I have gone from a sickening pit in my stomach to tears of jubilation. I have gone from what I thought was a 10-year plan to a 3-year plan, which has taken me off financial (pressing on physical) life support. Thank you, thank you, thank. you, "

PowerPay User

"I heard about this website in 2008 from a financial counselor that worked in the same office I did. I am so grateful for the information he passed on. I have used it over the years through job loss and for gains! Bottom line, it has been an amazing tool. It was so great for me to see my debt reduction visually. Thanks again not only for providing free software, but also for maintaining it for so long. It's pretty darn amazing. "

PowerPay User

Course Reviews

"What an amazing course! I wish I had been able to take this when I was quite a bit younger. Gives me much more confidence to work towards financial freedom and I'm excited to share this with my kiddos so that they will have a greater advantage when starting out on their own."

Course Participant

"The PowerPay Money Master online course was an extremely useful tool and has helped me revisit my financial plan involving saving for a home and being more financially astute and frugal holistically. I would recommend this course to friends, family and anyone who is serious about improving their financial health and money management awareness."

Course Participant

"So many great resources! The worksheets allowed me to not only learn about the principals that were being taught, but physically incorporate them into my own financial journey! I also loved how there were additional resources at the end of each module, allowing me to continue to learn about the topics that were most interesting and beneficial for me."

Course Participant