Raising Backyard Chickens

Considerations in Raising Small Backyard Flocks of Poultry

Chicken Flock

During these times of economic challenge, many people are considering raising a few chickens in the backyard to augment their food supply. The following considerations should be taken into account.

Basics of Raising Backyard Chickens

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This fact sheet is for local municipalities to use in training or as an evaluation tool in the permitting process that allow poultry keeping in population-dense settings. It also serves as a condensed review of basic poultry keeping practices.

Housing Backyard Chickens

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Before establishing a backyard chicken flock, check local laws and homeowners’ association (HOA) covenants. Raising chickens is not allowed in many urban areas. The number of chickens, distance from property lines, and type of housing may be defined in local regulations.

Causes and Control of Selected Diseases Related to Backyard Chickens in Utah

Avian flu chicken

Owning a small flock of chickens is increasing in popularity, particularly in areas where local ordinances prohibit larger domestic animals, but allow for birds and/or small animals. This fact sheet presents an overview of basic housing principles for small flocks of chickens.

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Principles of Feeding Small Flocks of Chickens at Home


Helping to raise a small flock of chickens gives children an opportunity to develop a sense of responsibility and learn basic management skills. This fact sheet provides an overview of feeding and nutrition principles for chicken owners.

Molting and Determining Production of Laying Hens


Although there are numerous publications treating this question in depth, this fact sheet provides agricultural agents as well as the inquisitive small flock owner with a brief synopsis that will serve as a helpful guide.

Backyard Poultry Safety Poster


Have a backyard flock? Don't wing it!