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Amanda Christensen and Naomi Brower

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viewing videos on a tablet 98 percent of people 18 to 49 use the internet Situation

The new generation of Extension audiences prefers to access research-based resources via the internet. Online video content is particularly popular. In an effort to maintain relevancy, provide a convenient way to learn, reach underserved populations, and maintain our reputation as a trusted source for research-based information among the next generation of Extension clientele, Extension content must be available in digital format.

USU Extension Response

USU Extension provides regular, research-based, educational video content on YouTube and Facebook. Most information is provided in short (2-5 minutes), engaging videos with a call to action and further resources at the conclusion of the video. Topics include personal finance, home and family, relationships, gardening, horticulture, agriculture, 4-H youth development, and more.

1020 educational videos released since 2014 that was accessed by all states in U.S. and 237 countries around the world


A pilot study of 484 respondents who collectively watched 1,102 personal finance videos about debt management, credit management, budgeting, and more indicated the following impacts:

impact on on those who viewed videos

Examples of positive changes participants indicated they would make as a result of viewing one or more videos include:

individual positive changes

It is anticipated that data from other educational content areas would yield similar results, and further data will be collected in 2018.

Bottom Line

Alternative sidewalk materials can improve the retention of the mature, urban tree canopy and save cities money. Keeping urban trees in place has many benefits for citizens (both physical and mental) and the environment.


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