10 Questions To Ask Before You Say "I Do"

Wedding season is upon us, and amidst all the planning and excitement, it’s important for couples to be sure they know each other well.  Here are some important questions to ask before tying the knot.

Before you say I do...

  1. Do I get along well with my partner’s family?
  2. Does my partner have a good conscience?
  3. Do I have common interests with my partner?
  4. Can I communicate well with my partner about tough topics?
  5. Does my partner take time to understand my point of view, even if he/she disagrees with it?
  6. How does my partner deal with conflict?
  7. How does my partner handle money?
  8. Are my family values similar to my partner’s?
  9. Are my spiritual values and beliefs compatible with my partner’s?
  10. What are other people’s perceptions of my partner?

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By: Naomi Brower, Utah State University Extension associate professor