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    Ask an Expert: Protect Yourself from Financial Fraud

    There has been extensive reporting in recent news about data breaches, cyber security, Social Security numbers stolen, identity theft, fraud, scams, credit monitoring services, credit reports, credit scores, etc. Learn More

    Ask an Expert: Planning a Road Trip? Try These Healthy Eating Tips

    Many people have road trips on their agenda this summer. It's not always easy to eat healthy foods while on the road, or on any vacation for that matter, but with a little planning and effort, it can be done. Learn More

    Ask an Expert: Financial Health by Decades

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, combined with a review of research and consultation with leading experts, found that financial well-being includes the following four elements: Learn More

    Study Finds Electric Pressure Cookers Not Consistently Safe For Canning

    Preliminary research conducted by Utah State University Extension professors shows that using electric pressure cookers for small batch, low acid canning may not destroy the bacteria that is responsible for botulism poisoning. Learn More

    When is Enough, Enough? Consider Creative Deprivation This Holiday

    We all know it is easy to get carried away with "decking the halls" during the holidays, and the concepts of excess, over indulgence and over scheduling come to mind this time of year more than ever. In general, there is a trend toward excess in our lives. Learn More