USU Extension Professor Contributes to New Wellness App

Shelby Ruud

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Research and expertise from a Utah State University Extension professor is included in a new science-based mental wellness app.

Dave Schramm, USU Extension family life specialist, partnered with a mental wellness company, Impact Suite, to create Climb, a science-based tool to help individuals improve their lives through comprehensive training, real-time analytics and interactive support.

“The app is designed for anyone who would like help in any area of life, from finances and fitness to money, marriage and meditation,” Schramm said. “It even has research-based information on happiness, stress management and nutrition. It’s not only for those who are struggling, but those who are doing well and would like to do better.” 

Schramm was one of many experts across an array of fields to consult on the content of the app. He wrote and reviewed audio scripts centered on positivity, gratitude, happiness, kindness, parenting and relationships.

“This was an ideal collaboration between experts in business coming together with scholars and Extension specialists to create a science-backed app to help individuals thrive in their life journey,” Schramm said. “It has the potential to be a real game-changer in the realm of self-improvement. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.”

According to Schramm, the average Climb user experiences a 24% decrease in depression and anxiety levels, with highly engaged users seeing closer to 88% decreases in depression and anxiety.

“The research is clear,” said Clay Olsen, CEO and founder of Impact Suite and Climb. “There are small, simple adjustments in your life that can have a measurable impact on your overall mental health.”

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