USU Extension 4-H Director Inducted Into 4-H Hall of Fame

Shelby Rudd Jarman


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July 31, 2018


Director of Utah State University Extension 4-H Kevin Kesler was recently inducted into the Utah 4-H Hall of Fame as the 2018 honoree.

To be considered for the Utah 4-H Hall of Fame, the person must have participated in 4-H as a youth and must haveused 4-H to contribute to his or her community in some way.

Kesler became involved in 4-H over 50 years ago. He was a member of the Kanosh 4-H horse club in Millard County. He also grew up around livestock and crops, learning about the production of cattle, sheep and swine along with growing alfalfa, small grains, corn and range feeds.

“The 4-H program has provided me with skills both as a youth and then as an adult to get me to where I am today.” Kesler said, “I have spent the last 40 years trying give back by helping other youth develop the life skills that were provided to me through the 4-H program. There are other careers that pay better than a career in 4-H, but having a 4-H member you worked with contact you 20 years later and give you credit for helping them succeed in life is priceless.”

Kesler’s career has taken him to four universities where he specialized in agricultural production, 4-H youth development, agricultural engineering, water quality, community development and administration. He has taught agricultural engineering, Extension and other university credit courses as well as noncredit Extension workshops and classes. He also worked internationally as an agricultural engineer to develop Extension organizations and farming systems in Egypt.

For the past 21 years, Kesler has been the director of 4-H and youth programs for USU Extension. He has received numerous awards at the local, state and national levels and has brought in over 6 million dollars in external funding to support his programs.

“Kevin is a true leader and he is the perfect example of what truly embodies 4-H,” said Joshua Dallin, a USU Extension agent and colleague of Kesler’s. “Kevin is one of my heroes and a hero to many others. He is a champion in his career and a true friend to all. As the director of one of the nation’s best programs for the last 20 years, Kevin will leave a giant legacy that will go on for decades to come.”

Kesler is set to retire from his position in October.

Writer: Shelby Ruud Jarman,

Contact: Kevin Kesler