Local USU Extension 4-H Teen Receives Grant

Shelby Ruud


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WASHINGTON COUNTY — Utah State University Extension 4-H member Michael Isom recently applied for and received a $2,500 grant from the Utah STEM Action Center to support the Washington County 4-H Teen Council’s participation in State 4-H Contests.

The grant’s purpose is to encourage student participation in camps and competitions to support STEM education and economic development in Utah. In order to be more engaging, the grant requires that a student be the one to apply for it. The grant award will be used to cover entrance fees, project materials and travel to and from competitions.

State 4-H Contests include a variety of STEM events, such as film production, technology and animal sciences. These activities introduce youth to science, technology, engineering and math in an engaging, hands-on learning environment that empowers youth and provides them with opportunities to grow, learn and become confident.

 “We’re in a situation where not enough kids are interested, or prepared, in science and technology fields,” said Dave Francis, USU Extension 4-H youth development specialist. “And we need them to be, to lead innovation and to solve the problems our world will face.”

Isom said he wanted to expand the opportunities available to youth in the 4-H program in his county.

“Contests are interesting experiences that demonstrate the capability of youth and showcase their hard work,” he said.

Francis said he thinks it is important that Michael, as a youth, took the initiative to apply for the funds to assist his entire teen council.

“The grant will allow more kids to participate, and they will be better prepared for the competitions,” he said.

Isom is the science vice president for the 4-H state officer program. This is the first year of the state officer program and opportunities like this grant show how teen leadership is effective, according to Josh Dallin, USU Extension 4-H state program coordinator.

“Michael is an outstanding leader and is always looking for the cutting-edge information to get youth to understand the importance of science,” Dallin said.

Contact: Josh Dallin, 435-797-8442,  Joshua.dallin@usu.edu
Writer: Shelby Ruud, 435-797-0810,  shelby.ruud@usu.edu