4-H Helps Youth Make Friends Around the Country


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Hala LouviereHala Louviere loves meeting new people, and the Utah State University Extension 4-H program allows her to do just that. Louviere has had the chance to make friends across the state and even the country through 4-H. These friends, whom she would have never met without the 4-H program, have all had a positive impact on her life.

The 4-H program also gives Louviere the chance to practice her communication skills. Through the many 4-H clubs and events, she interacts with a wide variety of people, which translates to better communication with her family and friends outside of 4-H.

Louviere believes the 4-H program can be a positive experience for everyone.

“There’s a 4-H club for everything, so no matter your interests, you fit in,” she said. “I believe the 4-H program helps youth to strive to achieve great things.”