USU Extension Associate Professor Named Extension Fellow

Shelby Ruud


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Dave FrancisDave Francis, a Utah State University Extension associate professor, was recently named an eXtension Fellow by the eXtension Foundation, a national organization that helps Extension professionals increase measurable local impact with networks, resources and tools within the Extension system.

The eXtension Fellowship program selects Extension professionals to pursue research, development and dissemination of innovations of their choice that can increase the impact of Extension work in the future.

Francis’ project is called “Maker Movement, Horticulture Fusion.” His focus is on using technology to enhance the gardening experience and solve issues such as irrigation or pest control.

The Maker Movement refers to a shift taking place in the country that emphasizes the making and doing aspects of life in order to bring back creative skills.

“The Maker Movement is on the rise,” Francis said.  “I’ve found that there is interest in the area of horticulture with a ‘techie’ component. My project takes elements of growing plants and technology and blends them.”

The eXtension Foundation will support Francis as he develops and tests his project. He will then create presentations and other outreach resources to share expertise about his research throughout the nation-wide Extension program.

“Dave was chosen as an eXtension Foundation Fellow because he has a solid record of being an innovator in Extension and sharing his work broadly with peers in the system,” said Paul Hill, a USU Extension assistant professor.

Francis said he is grateful for the opportunity to focus on innovation and looks forward to sharing his findings.


Writer: Shelby Ruud
Contact: Dave Francis