USU Extension 4-H Program Awarded for Community Contribution

Shelby Ruud


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Kevin KeslerThe Utah State University Extension 4-H program recently received the Community Contribution Award from the Utah Association for Gifted Children at their annual conference in Park City.

The 4-H program received the award for making Utah communities great places to live and raise children.

“The 4-H program is recognized by many for providing the opportunities and skills needed by youth to help them become contributing members of our communities,” said Kevin Kesler, executive director of the state 4-H program. “It is rewarding to be recognized by the Utah Association for Gifted Children because we strive to provide opportunities to talented youth.”

As the nation’s largest youth development organization, the 4-H program empowers six million young people throughout the United States. The program supports young people from elementary school through high school with programs designed to shape future leaders and innovators. Members engage in hands-on learning activities in the areas of science, healthy living and citizenship.

A longitudinal study of youth organizations by the Institute of Youth Development at Tufts University showed that youth involved in 4-H are two times more likely to be civically active and four times more likely to make contributions to their community than their peers.

The national 4-H program consists of a network of more than 611,800 volunteers and 3,500 professionals who mentor and inspire 4-H members to work collaboratively, take the lead on their own projects and set and achieve goals.

“The 4-H program is only successful because of the thousands of volunteers who spend endless hours providing tens of thousands of Utah youth with opportunities to be successful,” Kesler said. “The award should go to all the volunteers who make 4-H happen.”

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PHOTO: Kevin Kesler, executive director of the USU Extension state 4-H program, receives the Community Contribution Award given to the Utah 4-H program by the Utah Association for Gifted Children.

Writer: Shelby Ruud,
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