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This FREE course uses the Parenting the Love and Logic Way® curriculum and teaches parents how to raise responsible kids and enjoy parenting. Participants will learn how to end power struggles with their children, teach responsibility, and prevent arguments. This course will help participants answer questions like:

  • Is it possible to parent without getting angry?
  • How do I enforce limits?
  • What are natural or logical consequences?
  • Can parenting be less stressful?

Using ready-to-use take-home skills, this course will enhance your relationship with your child, reduce the strain in your family life, and help you enjoy parenting! This research-based program helps parents defuse arguments and build their children's sense of responsibility and confidence.

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When asked what they learned from this course, participants said:

"All of it. Funny!"

"I liked that it tells you ways to go about teaching without raising your voice."

"How to have them [children] solve problems. How to neutralize arguing. And how to use empathy. (Love it.)"

"Knowing that other parents are dealing with the same problems and that there are constructive ways to handle them." "They gave helpful tools to use in everyday life."

"How to become an awesome mother."

"It was upbeat and entertaining while being informative and helpful."

"Everything. Seriously, I learned more than I expected."

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