The GNAR Initiative acts as an intellectual incubator to foster and support multi-university and trans-disciplinary research aimed at better documenting and holistically understanding the opportunities and challenges in GNAR communities. It also develops, helps implement, and studies evidence-based strategies for helping western GNAR communities thrive amid change. As they become popular places to live and visit, gateway and natural amenity region (GNAR) communities tend to experience a variety of interconnected planning, transportation, economic, community development, and sustainability issues. GNAR communities that have not yet “been discovered” often face a variety of other concerns, such as issues associated with limited economic opportunities.

Findings from the 2022 GNAR Community Survey

Rural Gentrification and the Spillover Effect: Integrated Housing, Transportation, and Land Use Challenges and Strategies in Gateway Communities

Other Research

The GNAR Research Network

The GNAR Research Network connect academics, students, and other people with an interest in studying gateway communities and the regions around them. The network provides forums and other opportunities for sharing in-progress and completed research, identifying research needs and opportunities, and connecting research with on-the-ground needs. Learn more about the research network and how to join.


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