Please enter your hours daily in AggieTime:

1st Pay Period:  starts on the first day of the month and ends on the 15th

2nd Pay Period: starts on the 16th and ends on the last day of the month. 

 If you are new to Food $ense and AggieTime, you can watch a short, 4-5 minute, training here:

 Select AggieTime Daily Hour training.

 Please note:

 You should enter your hours worked at the end of your shift – not at the end of the week, but rather each day that you work.

 Your pay will be delayed by two weeks if your hours aren’t entered in a timely manner.

 The two pay periods are the same for every month (1st thru 15th and 16th thru last day).


 Please approve your NEA’s hours in AggieTime:

 If you are new to AggieTime, you can view a short training at:

 Select the AggieTime Supervisor.


 This gives thorough instructions on how to view, approve, flag and dispute employee time.  The following symbols are used:

                Orange clock – Time has been entered and your approval is needed.

                Green checkmark  – Record clear and approved

                Red arrows – The employee has made a change to the record, and there is a comment you must view.

                Red exclamation point – There is a disputed record that needs to be reviewed.

                Note symbol – This indicates an employee has altered a record and noted the reason.

                Red flag – This indicates one of three things:

1)      Employee has left a note

2)      That you have reviewed a record and have flagged that record for business services to review

3)      That you are disputing the record and need further clarification from the employee

 Leaving a note for Business Services to change the index (FOAPAL) is also discussed.

 You may want to view the modules several times to catch all of the information.

 You may also want to watch the AggieTime Daily Hour training (which should be viewed by your NEA).