U.S. Forest Service Interior West FIA 2012 User Group Online Meeting

On May 16, 2012 the Interior West Forest Inventory and Analysis (IW-FIA) program of the U.S. Forest Service held their 2012 User Group meeting  live and online, in cooperation with USU Forestry Extension. The IW-FIA program holds annual User Group meetings to update stakeholders and data users on IW-FIA operations and other FIA news.  These meetings are usually held at various locations across the Interior West. This year IW-FIA attempted to reach a wider audience and save users' travel costs by holding the meeting live and as a webcast.  We hope this format worked well for our audience, and we encourage feedback about the event.

Agenda and Recording Links

Interior West Forest Inventory and Analysis (IW-FIA) Program
User Group Meeting
May 16, 2012

Session 1

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  • 8:00 Introduction – Michael Wilson (starts at 0 minutes)
    • Outcome of the National User Group Meeting (P3, estimation, cost savings)
    • National FIA Implementation (status, budget, strategic planning, issues)
    • IW-FIA Status and Future – Strategic Planning
    • P3 – What’s Going On and Where Do We Go with It in the Interior West
  • 9:00 Field Data Collection Status and Issues – Bob Rhoads (advance to 50:00)
  • 9:15 FIA Information Management – Troy Heithecker (advance to 1:14:00)
    • Overview, Migration, Future of FIA Information Management
  • 9:30 Inventory Results Reporting – John Shaw (advance to 1:27:30)
    • Where Are We and Where Are We Going with the 5-year Reports
    • Introduction to Utah Report Development Process
    • What Are the Current WEST-WIDE Resource Issues
  • 9:50 Economic Impact on Western Forest Industry – Colin Sorenson (Bureau of Business and Economic Research, U. Montana) (advance to 1:48:25)

Session 2

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  • 10:30 Overview of Tools to Use FIA Data
    • FIDO (FIA’s national data delivery system) – Jim Menlove (starts at 0 minutes)
    • Evalidator (another FIA national on-line tool for the power user) – Jim Menlove
    • FIEstA  (Forest Inventory Estimation and Analysis tool enabling more flexible estimates of forest attributes in R) Tracey Frescino (advance to 50:00)
  • 1:00 FIA Estimation, Analysis, and Science – Part One
    • A New Approach for Addressing Non-response with the New Mexico Prototype – Sara Goeking (starts at 0 minutes)
    • Integrating Time Series of Landsat Imagery into FIA’s Estimation Process – Gretchen Moisen  (advance to 21:50)
    • Adding Value to the FIA Inventory with Satellite-based Observations of Forest Disturbance – Todd Schroeder (advance to 37:50)
    • ForCaMF – a Forest Carbon Management Framework for NFS – Alicia Peduzzi (advance to 1:02:50)

Session 3

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  • 2:40 FIA Estimation, Analysis, and Science – Part Two
    • Finer-scale Reconstructions of Climatic Patterns Using Increment Core Sample Data – Justin DeRose (starts at 0 minutes)
    • Attaching Climate Data and Other Ancillary Data to FIA plots –Chuck Werstak (advance to 21:00)
    • FVS Validation – John Shaw (20 minutes) (advance to 41:30)
  • 3:40 Wrap-up – Michael Wilson (advance to 1:14:45)