Logan Sidewalk Project

In 2014 USU Forestry Extension was granted a Community Forestry Grant from the Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands.

This sidewalk replacement project is the result of this grant, and a generous monetary match by the City of Logan street department. Traditional concrete sidewalks that had been damaged were replaced with rigid sidewalk tiles made from 100% recycled plastic. These unique tiles allowed trees (and often tree roots) to remain intact while maintaining safe, walkable sidewalks for the residents of Logan. See the interpretative sign installed at Stokes Nature Center!

See the factsheet on this project. Terrewalk sidewalk tiles were installed at twelve locations. See below!

fixed sidewalk on 169 E. Center St.
169 E. Center St.

fixed sidewalk on 300 N. 100 E.
300 N. 100 E.

fixed sidewalk on 205 E. 600 N.
205 E. 600 N.

fixed sidewalk on 1375 E. 1500 N.
1375 E. 1500 N.

fixed sidewalk on 600 N. 200 E.
600 N. 200 E.

fixed sidewalk on 1300 N. 200 E.
1300 N. 200 E.

fixed sidewalk on 500 W. Fairway Lane
500 W. Fairway Lane

fixed sidewalk on 444 W. 200 N.
444 W. 200 N.

fixed sidewalk on 380 N. 600 W.
380 N. 600 W.

fixed sidewalk on 207 W. 200 N.
207 W. 200 N.

fixed sidewalk on 228 N. 300 W.
228 N. 300 W.

fixed sidewalk on 285 N. 300 E.
285 N. 300 E.