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Question from Janet, Bluffdale, UT (received 5/18/20) -

My daughter just planted her yard in Bluffdale. How do you tell if a snowball bush plant is in transplant shock? Just planted four days ago and it looks wilted. Dropping heads of flowers. What can we do for transplant shock?

Do they need to replant it or less water or more sun. It only gets a few hours since the house is north facing.

Answer from Gabrielle Harden, USU Forestry Extension Educator (sent (5/19/20) -


The Snowball Bush Viburnum plant can tolerate part sun but it really needs 6 to 8 hours of full sun to thrive. The soil should be kept moist, not wet, and it should be well draining. After planting, it should have been deeply watered, and it should be deeply watered at least once a week, more if the soil is drying out quickly. It is better to do one deep watering a week than several light waterings. Deep watering helps promote root growth. It will not tolerate dry soil.

I would cut off the blooms, as they don't appear to be very happy. New blooms will grow.

With proper watering, it should bounce back. If it is only getting a couple hours of sun, I would consider moving it.

A quick Google search of the plant will bring up lots of care tips.

I hope this helps.

Snowball bush with drooping leaves and browning leaf edges