By Nicole King | May 18, 2023

Darren McAvoy Interview for "The Climate Challenge"

On March 13, 2023, Darren McAvoy sat down with graduate student Drew Holley to discuss McAvoy’s experience with land restoration. Their interview covered a variety of subjects from McAvoy’s experiences leading up to his current role as USU’s Forestry Extension Specialist, to how biochar can help climate change.

The interview is part of a collection of stories called "The Climate Challenge," which seeks to tell the stories of those involved in the fight against climate change. The collection includes interviews with climate scientists, activists, and those who work in land restoration. These stories are kept in the USU library’s digital archive and are available to the public.

The recording and the transcript can be found at the USU Digital History Collection at the following links.



Drew Holley and Darren McAvoy laugh together while sitting at a table with interview equipment   Drew Holley and Darren McAvoy stand in front of a wooden wall with pictures