By Darren McAvoy, Wildland Resources. Extension Assistant Professor | January 6, 2020

Utah State Professor Receives Forest Stewardship Achievement Award

Karen Mock

Dr. Karen Mock, Wildland Resources Professor at Utah State University has been selected by the Utah Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee to receive the 2019 Forest Stewardship Achievement Award. Mock is recognized by the committee for her unyielding effort to improve the stewardship and management of Utah forests, and aspen forests in particular. Her research has significantly improved our current understanding of aspen, specifically regarding their genetics and ability to propagate by seed. Here is a small sample of the important work that has earned Karen this distinguished honor:

  • Karen helped discover that aspen seedling establishment is far more common than previously thought, countering our previous understanding of aspen regeneration. This work had a variety of forest management implications and bolstered our understanding about the complexities of genetic diversity within aspen forests.
  • Karen is currently investigating root reserves of aspen stands on Cedar Mountain in Central Utah. By using an air spade to dig roots (instead of a tractor), she is increasing our understanding of aspen roots and promoting successful vegetative aspen reproduction.
  • Karen leads the revegetation efforts following the 2017 Brian Head Fire that burned 72,000 acres in Southern Utah. Her important follow up work has ensured the success of thousands of aspen seedlings.

Karen’s work has had a significant impact on millions of acres of forestland in Utah and beyond. USU Forestry Extension wishes Dr. Karen Mock congratulations on receiving this prestigious and well-deserved award.