2015 Timber Harvest Tour & Mobile Pyrolysis Demonstration

Tavaputs Plateau, Utah

Background: Tour attendees observed an ongoing aspen removal and regeneration treatment project at Range Valley Ranch on the Tavaputs Plateau. Preceding the tour, Amaron Energy demonstrated their mobile pyrolysis unit where they processed and converted aspen feedstock into biochar, bio-oil, and syngas.

Objectives: The objectives of this tour were to showcase the efforts of a Utah landowner, Mike Siaperas as he uses mechanical treatments (bulldozing) to remove mature aspen as a method for stimulating roots to send up young aspen sprouts. Siaperas continues to bulldoze aspen and other trees to generate openings in the forest surrounding his ranch. More can be read about his efforts in the 2013 Utah Forest Newsletter on bulldozing aspen to grow aspen and in the 2015 Utah Forest Newsletter on developing a rotary kiln mobile pyrolysis reactor. Additionally, the tour had a special feature where Amaron Energy featured their mobile pyrolysis technology. This machine can process a variety of feedstocks, but on this tour they processed aspen that had been removed from Siaperas' land as part of the restoration project.

Partners: USU Extension, Division of Forestry, Fire, & State Lands, Amaron Energy, Range Valley Ranch, Intermountain Society of American Foresters