2019 Forestry Practices Tour

Background: Twenty-eight people attended the 18th Annual Timber Harvest and Forestry Practices Tour on September 4, 2019. Attendees toured a forest stewardship and timber harvest project on US Forest Service land near Heber City, Utah that provides wood to Euclid Timber Frames for the production of Interlocking Cross-laminated Timber. This tour included a visit to sites where spruce harvest, salvage and sanitation operations were underway. These actions have improved forest health by lowering fuel loads and bolstering the economy by providing wood for the construction sector. Attendees learned about sustainable forest management in Utah that is taking wood from “forest to frame”. A team of land stewards including foresters, loggers, landowners, and a mill owner spoke to the group on the tour. Tour sponsors included:

  • Euclid Timber Frames
  • USU Forestry Extension
  • Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands
  • Utah Biomass Resources Group
  • Woodworks
  • Intermountain Society of American Foresters