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USU Forestry Extension provides educational programs and materials on forests, forestry, and trees for Utahns. Program areas include rural and conservation forestry, forestry in the wildland-urban interface, and urban/community forestry.

Our program activities include the publication of fact sheets, brochures, and the Utah Forest News newsletter; workshops and seminars; displays at public events; and the development of other educational media. Extension staff respond directly to inquiries and requests for information from the public. USU Forestry Extension also helps to link Utahns with other agencies and individuals who can help them manage their urban or rural forest resources.

Forestry Extension is conducted at the local level by county Extension Agents who specialize in agriculture, horticulture, natural resources, community development, and other areas. You can find a directory of County Extension Agents that serve your area of interest.

Darren McAvoy

Darren McAvoy

Forestry and Wildland Resources Specialist

Wildland Resources Dept

Phone: 435-797-0560


USU Forestry Extension
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