HACCP Workshops

HACCP is an internationally recognized food safety system. This course curriculum will provide online and hands-on training to develop and implement a HACCP system. The course will feature a general review of HACCP and then break-out into groups: meat /poultry HACCP, dairy/juice HACCP, and FDA foods HACCP (e.g. acidified foods, delis, etc.).


Curriculum Internation HACCP Alliance apprved (can get seal)
Will get a certificate from USU Extension Food Safety program
Meets most CEU based Training Requirements for 16 hours/CEUs

Learning Objectives

  1. Introduction to Food Safety and HACCP
    A. Overview & History
    B. Benefits
    C. Relationship to quality and safety programs
    D. Responsibilities: Management, quality assurance, operations, regulatory agencies, etc.
  2. Overview of Food Safety/Microbiology
  3. Review of Prerequisite Programs
    A. Personal Hygiene
    B. Purchasing and Receiving Safe
    C. Storage
    D. Sanitary Facilities and Equipment
    E. Cleaning and Sanitizing
    F. Integrated Pest Management
    G. Recall (traceability)
    H. Staff Training
  4. Hazards
    A. Physical, chemical, and biological hazards
    B. Define "significant hazards".
    C. Sources for help or assistance
  5. HACCP Principles (Codex/NACMACF)