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Annual Workshops

USU Extension Food Safety Workshops

  • HACCP Workshop Jan - Feb each year - This is a standardized version of the HACCP food safety system workshop.  It is aligned with the learning objectives required for successful completion of this type of course.  Participants can optionally receive an International HACCP alliance seal for their certificate (This is most beneficial for the meat and poultry industry).

USU Western Dairy Center Workshops

  • Artisan Cheese Symposium 
  • Basic Cheesemaking Course
  • Advanced Cheesemaking Course

(May-June) USU Extension Food Safety - Western Dairy Center Co-sponsored Workshop Series

  • Quality Control Workshop (HACCP prerequisite)
  • HACCP Workshop
  • Advanced Sanitation Workshop
  • Behavioral Based Food Safety Workshop
  • Statistical Process Control Workshop
  • SQF Workshop

USU Extension Food Safety Retail and Foodservice Workshops

  • Reduced Oxygen Packaging for Retail-Foodservice Operations HACCP Workshop