Home Food Preservation

The Extension system has been publishing safe home food preservation recommendations since 1909. More than 100 years since, we have come a long way in making home food preservation exceptionally safe. The USU Food Safety Extension program is founded on those 100 years of research.

Retail and Foodservice

There are more 1 million food establishments in the U.S., including restaurants, grocery stores, cafeterias, schools and correctional facilities. The USU Food Safety Program works both in Utah and nationally to promote the application of science-based food safety principles in retail and food service settings to minimize the the incidence of foodborne illness. In Utah, we administer the USU Food Safety Managers Certification Program. Nationally, we are part of the Retail and Foodservice Food Safety Consortium.

Small Food Buisness

The USU Extension Food Safety program helps minimize the risks of foodborne illness originating from Utah food products. We help food processors help themselves. We also have the responsibility of working with state and federal agencies, news media, county agents, industry firms, cooperatives and other clientèle to help keep our food supply safe.

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