Do I Need an Estate Plan?

By: Vincenza Vicari-Bentley, AFC USU Extension Empowering Financial Wellness Program Coordinator

June 1, 2023

Estate Planning

Everyone needs an estate plan; however, most Americans don’t have one. The reality of estate planning is that when you own anything of value, you have an estate and it’s important to have a plan in place for it after you pass on. Planning for the worst is the best way to protect yourself, the people you love and your valuables.

Three primary goals to estate planning are:

  1. Maintain control while living,
  2. Distribute responsibly and
  3. Minimize expenses.

Utah State University Extension has a free estate planning toolkit designed to help you begin the process. It is not intended to substitute for legal advice, however, it can help clarify the documents needed as you create your estate plan. The toolkit includes documents and checklists you can download to provide further assistance and protection for you and your assets.
Go to to download your free copy. Don’t wait to plan your estate!